Bushman Portable

The Bushman Portable range of fridges are proven reliable, extra-low power and versatile, and can handle any off track situations you may find yourself in.

With a track record of providing high quality fridges and accessories for over 20 years, Bushman have become one of the more popular brands people are turning too when purchasing a new fridge/freezer for camping, touring and caravaning more.

There are 3 Fridge units in the portable range.

  • The Bushman Roadie, a 15L Fridge/Freezer perfect for the 4wd, RV, Truck or Heavy Duty Machinery.
  • The Original Bushman Fridge - A Fridge that can alter it's capacity from 35L to 52 L
  • The XD70 - A 61L Fridge/Freezer that can operate on 12v, 240v or LPG Gas.
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