Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping Bag Liners are placed on the inside of your sleeping bag. There are several key reasons to use a sleeping bag liner, and these include additional warmth, hygiene and to extend the life of your sleeping bag.

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What are the key benefits of a sleeping bag liner?

Warmth: One of the key reasons people use sleeping bag liners, is for extra warmth. Just like sheets on a bed, a sleeping bag liner can add different levels of warmth depending on what it is made of. Sleeping bag liners can be made of light weight silk, cotton, or a combination of both, further sleeping bag liners can be made of fleece which creates a soft and cozy cocoon inside your sleeping bag in the cooler months.

Hygiene: Again, just like sheets, a sleeping bag liner creates a barrier between your body and the sleeping bag itself, helping to protect it from body oils, sweat and any creams/sprays you may have put on your skin. And like bedsheets a sleeping bag liner can be removed regularly for washing, ensuring you have a clean bed to slip into each night, even when camping. At the end of the day, it is going to be easier to wash and dry a sleeping bag liner than it is to wash a sleeping bag.

Extending sleeping bag life: Sleeping bags are no different to most things, and they do unfortunately have a life span. And depending on the fill of your sleeping bag the more you wash it, the more its life span is reduced. So, by using a removable and washable sleeping bag liner you extend the life of your sleeping bag, which is often a very expensive item to replace.

What else can sleeping bag liners be used for?

Stand alone sleeping bag: Sleeping bag liners as they are typically sewn like a tube, can be used as a lightweight and cooler alternative to a traditional sleeping bag in warmer weather.

Insect bites: A sleeping bag liner can aid in reducing insect bites by giving the user another layer of protection. A silk sleeping bag liner is said to provide the best protection against insect bites.


Here at Bundy Outdoors we sell a range of sleeping bag liners, made from silk, cotton, fleece and combination cotton and silk from well respected brands such as Sea to Summit, Darche & Oztrail