Bowie Knives

Bowie knives, like skinning knives, are an essential hunting tool. Prized by survivalists for its versatility, a bowie knife also can be a hunter’s best friend. Serious hunters should keep one in their backpack any time they go on a hunting excursion. Different to pigging knives, which primarily serve to bleed your game before skinning, skinning is the primary used for bowie knives in Australia, but hunters also can use them at their campsites to whittle or chop sticks or do other tasks that require cutting power and strength.

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Bowie knives for hunting

Skinning and cleaning have never been easier than with a bowie knife, thanks to the precision of its blade. The length of the blades on bowie knives and the comfortable grip of their handles lend dexterity to tackle even the most awkward places when skinning your game. Even fishermen prefer bowie knives for scaling fish. Hunters who plan to use a bowie knife for skinning should ensure they select a model with a full tang to prevent it from breaking while in use.

Choosing the perfect bowie knife for you

When shopping for a bowie knife, it is best to pick models that have carbon steel blades. Carbon steel is known for staying sharp, which makes skinning game a lot easier. There also are models made from anodized aluminium. Other factors you need to consider include:

  • Size — Most hunters prefer blades that measure 17.78 to 22.86 centimetres. This helps the blade perform chopping tasks well while still allowing the user to maintain control.
  • Blade design — Clip-point blades offer the most control over the tip of the knife. Drop points and straight backs also work well for precision cutting tasks.

Please note that Bundy Outdoors requires all purchasers of bowie knives to be 18 or older. We may ask for proof of age before selling you any of our hunting knives.

The best bowie knives in Australia

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