Pig Knives

Pigging knives, sometimes called pig stickers or pig knives, play a crucial role in preserving your game for consumption later. Hunters use a pig sticker knife to bleed out their game after it’s down and before they can begin dressing and skinning it with their skinning knives

Pig stickers differ from traditional bowie knives because they are shaped more like traditional daggers. Bowie knives are known for their versatility and can be used to dress and skin game, scale fish and even cut wood. Survivalists prefer bowie knives for this reason. 

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Choosing a pig sticker knife

Recognising quality is important when choosing pig knives. Here are a few tips for selecting a pig sticker knife that will get the job done.

  • Durability — Pig knives should last several years without breaking, rusting or staining. Choosing the right blade material is key. We recommend stainless steel and titanium.
  • Sheath — Make sure your pig sticker comes with a sheath that easily attaches to your belt or leg. You should be able to remove it easily when needed.
  • Size — Like other hunting knives, the ideal length is between 17.78 and 22.86 centimetres. This size is easy to maneuver while still getting the job done effectively.
  • Sharpness — Blades are razor-sharp when first purchased but can dull over time. Make sure the pig sticker you choose has a blade that is easy to sharpen.

The best pigging knives for Australian hunters

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