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Hiking is a great way to get out and experience firsthand the great outdoors in all its glory. Hiking can be as simple as a day trip in a National Park right through to an epic 14-day adventure or longer. Hiking is similar to backpacking wear you have everything you need to survive right there in your backpack, Including items such as a Hiking Tent, Hiking Stove and Cookware, Hiking Mats and Pillows, Clothing and Food.  All these items are generally made to be extremely lightweight and compact to allow for you to easily store and carry while adventuring.

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What Do I Need to Go Hiking?

There are many products on the market designed to make your next hiking trip successful, while there are some cool products out there, not all are essential to everyone. Below is a basic outline of some the items you may need for your next hiking and backpacking trip....

Hiking Backpacks: One of the most critical components to being able to successfully hike anywhere in the world is to have a reliable and practical Backpack.  Finding out the right backpack for you is important and you should do your research as backpack vary in features and operation. As we are all different, we highly recommend getting measured and fitted to find the right backpack for your size and shape, this will ensure the pack sits on you correctly and carry’s the load where it needs to which prevents injury and pain. Here at Bundy Outdoors we stock a wide range of women's and men's backpacks and rucksacks with an excellent assortment of spare parts and accessories. Shop your backpack at Bundy Outdoors today.

Hiking Tents: If you are looking at doing multiple day hiking trips then you will most likely need a hiking tent to protect from the elements at night.  Many things need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right hiking tent for you. Hiking tents do come in single and multi-person options as well as specific tents for specific climates, these attributes effect the make up of the tent and in turn they pack down-size and weight.  Consider where and when you are going to be hiking and the features you need before choosing you to hike-tent.  Here at Bundy Outdoors we stock Nemo and Oztrail Hiking Tents for your perusal.

Hiking Mats: This are a must if you are sleeping directly on the ground. A hiking mat can be as simple as a thin foam layer through to an inflatable thermal insulated pad. Choosing the right hiking mat means taking into consideration factors such as size and weight of the mat for transport, weather, and terrain conditions of where you intend to use the mat, and of course your budget.  Check out our fantastic range of Nemo Mats and Sleeping Pads at Bundy Outdoors today.

Hiking Pillows: Hiking pillows usually are in the form of an inflatable form that offer you a comfortable place to rest your head at night after a big day on the trails.  There are many different shapes and sizes and working out the best hiking pillow for you is most definitely a personal choice. Here at Bundy Outdoors we stock an excellent range of Hiking Pillows for you to peruse.

Hiking Boots: Finding the right Hiking Boot is essential to enjoying any form of Hiking and Backpacking.  The right Hiking Boot will make or break the success of any hiking trip and so it is critical that you look after your feet, after all they are taking the full brunt and load of the trek.

At Bundy Outdoors we highly recommend Scarpa and stock great levels particularly of the Scarpa Terra GTX which is a great general hiking and trekking boot.

Hiking Stoves and Cookers: Along with having to carry food on any hiking trip, you also need to be able to cook and heat it.  As is with all things Hiking, transporting your equipment on your back means that you need to be able to fit it, and so compactness and lightweight are the ultimate needs along with providing efficient means of cooking.  We stock a great range of compact Stoves and Cookware as well as utensils to help you whip up a hearty cooked meal while out in the wilderness. Find the right Hiking Stoves for you at Bundy Outdoors.

Hiking Pack Accessories: Pack accessories are those little items that can sometime make a big difference, we’re talking about waterproof pouches to protect your clothes and other items inside you bag. Check out our extensive range of Osprey pack accessories.