Thermal Imaging

Never lose sight of what you are tracking in the bush again by including the correct thermal scope with your hunting gear. Thermal scopes pair infrared technology with rifle scope capabilities to enhance the visibility of targets. Thermal imaging scopes give hunters an advantage by helping them recognise prey in low-visibility conditions and can be used to detect the subtle temperature differences between animals and their environment. Dust, fog, smoke, and scrub are no match for thermal scopes.  

Thermal imaging scopes have an added benefit — using this kind of equipment with your other hunting gear improves safety, ensuring you never mistake another hunter for an animal.

Thermal imaging vs night vision

Infrared scopes and night vision scopes allow users to see better in the dark. The major difference includes function, practicality and price. Compared with night vision, thermal imaging scopes do not need any light to work. They are designed to amplify light and improve overall vision in nighttime conditions.  

The price point for night vision scopes is much lower than that for thermal imaging devices. Night vision will run you a couple of hundred dollars, whereas thermal imaging runs in the thousands of dollars. The price difference is worth it, given the advantages of the more expensive product for nighttime hunters.

Other hunting accessories and gear

A thermal scope has its benefits, but hunters should not forget about adding binoculars, monoculars, rangefinders, and rifle scopes to their collection of hunting gear for the best outdoor experience. Spotting scopes also are handy for checking out the territory before you decide to hunt it.

The best thermal scopes in Australia

You can buy thermal scopes in all price ranges at Bundy Outdoors, where we have some of the best thermal scopes in Australia. Contact us to ask questions about which products are right for your needs.

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