Roof Top Tents

A Roof Top Tent is the perfect accessory for the 4x4 enthusiast. Easily bolted to you roof rack, a roof top tent allows you a quick and easy set up once you've arrived at your destination.  A roof top tent is a great sleeping option for those desert treks or travels up north where the wildlife can get a little too friendly. One of the main advantages of owning a roof top tent is the ability to pull up and set up camp wherever you choose to stop. 

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When off the beaten track, a roof top tent can be subjected to a lot of harsh punishment. Choosing the right roof top tent can be the difference between a successful and enjoyable trip or a total disaster, pack your bags it’s time to go home. A roof top tent can be set up and packed down quickly and easily for a one-nighter or fully erected for a week long or maybe even a month long stay.

Why get a roof top tent?

Convenience and Safety - A roof top tent is a convenient option to the traditional on-ground camping tent. The tent is elevated helping to keep the over-friendly, or sometimes not so friendly wildlife out, meaning you can have a peaceful, and restful nights' sleep. It is also a better option than waking up in the middle of the night after a torrential down pour as you start to float around inside your tent it keeps the ground water out. It is also great that you don't need to try and pack up a dirty and muddy tent afterward. 

Personal Space - Another added bonus is space. The entire roof top tent space is your own, you don't need to share it with bags, fridges, or shoes or anything other than you comfy cuddly pillow, and maybe your partner...

Comfort - And speaking of comfort and cuddly, most roof top tents you can use a real mattress, usually a high density 50-75mm foam, which is light weight but will also give you a comfortable sleep, it's my no means your coil sprung Sealy mattress at home, but in our opinion, it's not far off.

Fast set up and pack down - Most roof top tents are super fast to set up and can be done in less than half an hour from start to finish (your made bed, ready to crawl in and snooze), unless of course you get your hands on the new Dometic TRT120E Roof Top Tent - this bad boy is a 12V remote control set up and down roof top tent... booyah! And when your tent is already on your roof, that gives you more space to pack inside the cab of your vehicle.

Ventilation - This is an interesting one. Most roof top tents come with a myraid of windows, with no-see-um mesh, which means you can have all the window flaps open without the worry of being carried away in the night by those pesky midges! Also being in an elevated position, you are less likely to have the breeze bocked by your 4 wd, trailer or awning walls, ensuring you catch the that cool southerly breeze, or the warm northerly one - the choice is yours.

Darche Roof Top Tents

​Darche has long been associated with manufacturing high quality tents and camping gear for 4x4 touring and adventure. Their expertise in this area, and their understanding of Australia’s rugged and harsh conditions has led them to design several premium quality roof top tents and awnings for the serious off roader and 4WD enthusiast.

With over 20 years’ experience, Darche understands the needs and demands that touring and 4x4 adventuring place on your gear, and continually strive to lift the bar in quality and performance to ensure your experience is positive time and time again.Darche continue to push the boundaries in design and concept for roof top tents and offer multiple options in sizing, features and purpose to suit vehicle and user requirements. Balancing the demand for durability, toughness and performance while minimising weight and drag on your vehicle. Darche also compliment their roof top tents with optional drop-down awnings to give you extra sheltered space and storage for your belongings and are optioned in drop down height to suit the height of your vehicle.

Dometic Roof Top Tents

Dometic have long been assoicated with quality caravan and camper equipment and now they can add Roof Top Tents to their ever impressive product list. The Dometic TRT120E Roof Top tent is an absolute stand out with it's fast and super convenict 12V setup. Quite literally your roof top tent starts to erect itself with a push of a button.

The range of Dometic Roof Top Tents can bet set up in a matter of minutes and their lightweight aluminium design ensures that your overall vehcile weight load is kept to a minimum.