Hydration Packs

We all know that keeping hydrated is extremely important, even more so when you are off the beaten track and away from readily available water supply. 

A water pack gives you quick access to water (and other liquids) and can be easily fitted to most hiking packs, rucksacks and some, day packs. Hydration reservoirs/water bladders range from 1 to 3 litres and can be worn several different ways. Some hydration packs feature a vertical water bladder that hangs from the top of the bag, other hydration packs utilise a lumbar system where the water bladder sits in a bum bag or waist bag with the hose accessible from the shoulder. Alternatively there are soft bottles with integrated water filters, ideal for hiking or trekking when you may need to fill up up at a non-filtered, non-purified water source.

There are also many different accessories available for delivery of the water, with insulated hose sleeves and bite valves, to inline filtration and replacement parts, all designed to help get much needed fluid to you when needed.

At Bundy Outdoors we stock and extensive range of hydration packs, water bladders and hydration accessories from brands such as Camelbak, Oztrail and Osprey, which can be fitted to your favourite hiking backpack.  We also stock hydration packs that are ideal for motor bike riding, mountain biking, running, walking, kayaking, climbing, and working.

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