We Have Tents For Sale! When you think of camping, the first thing you naturally think of is Tents.  Tents are where camping adventures begin for most people, and come in many styles, shapes, sizes and qualities.

There are Hiking Tents, Pop up tents, Dome tents, Family Tents, Instant Up Tents and much more.  Here at Bundy Outdoors, we stock only quality tents from brands such as Oztrail, Explore Planet Earth, Darche, Marmot and Nemo.

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Tent Types

Over the years, the humble tent has gone from a piece of canvas draped over a rope or brand and pegged down to a full-on home away from home glamping experience and everything in between.

Tents come in all shapes and sizes, quite literally with small lightweight compact hiking tents which resemble an oversized sleeping bag to triangular tee-pee tents like the Native American Indian’s used to have in the old western movies we all watched to multi-room, multi-purpose temporary homes.  Some just “pop-up” with a flick of the wrist, others take fibreglass poles and the strength of Goliath, others are “instant tents” that you just lift into position while others now inflate! The choices and combinations are almost endless and most certainly overwhelming.

But what are the different types of tents? As a brief rundown we have listed the most popular types with a short description, to get you going in the right direction.

Hiking Tent

A Hiking Tent is a lightweight compact tent, usually a one or 2 person tent that weights the absolute minimum and can fit easily into a hiking backpack.

Pop Up Tent

A Pop-up tent are tents that are usually round when packed up and with the use of spring steel simply unfold automatically and “pop-up”. These are usually 1-3 people tents.

Dome Tents

Just as the name suggests these are a dome shaped tent, similar to an igloo. The usually require fibreglass poles and can come in a 1-person right through to a 5 or 6 person tent size.

Family Tents

This is a very broad range, as a family can be any number of people. But generally speaking, tents will fit 4+ people. They can be one room or multi-room and vary in size and features.

Stretcher Tents

These are sometimes called personal shelters. They are a stretcher bed with an enclosed top, not a traditional type of tent, and are usually only a single, king single, or double in size.

Roof Top Tents

Roof Top Tents have become extremely popular, mounted on the roof of a 4wd or trailer, these tents can be either a soft shell or a hard shell, and can be folding or “pop-top” in style.