Children's Sleeping Bags

Children’s Sleeping Bags - Junior Sleeping Bags

A Children’s Sleeping Bag or Junior Sleeping bag is one that features the same technical specifications as an adult sleeping bag, just smaller. A children’s sleeping bag provides the best sleeping conditions for a child, with the sleeping bag being a better fit for a small person.

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Most people assume that it’s better to buy a full-sized adult sleeping bag for their kids and just let them “grow into it”. While in warmer climates and in theory that sounds cost effective and a good idea for sleepovers, unfortunately when camping and especially cooler climates that’s not the case.

What is the best size for a children’s sleeping bag?

Just like an adult, the size of the sleeping bag in direct comparison with the user determines how well it performs. When sleeping comfortably and being warm is the goal when camping the same can be said for children and their sleeping bags. A small person should have a small sleeping bag. Because it’s the air pocket around the person that keeps them warm, if you put a small child in a roomy sleeping bag where there is too much empty space that can’t be effectively warmed, they're going to get cold, and your good nights sleep fast goes out the window.

If you are planning family camping trips it’s worth investing in something suitable for comfort but also health and safety. If you can’t afford to keep buying sleeping bags as your kids grow, investigate sleeping bags that can be temporarily modified to create a smaller pocket for them to sleep in. Remember, your kids need to be snug like a bug in a rug!

What sleeping bag temperature rating should I buy for my children?

As you would buy for an adult, you should buy for children. Here at Bundy Outdoors, we recommend purchasing a sleeping bag that will suit your requirements for 90% of the time. If you buy a sleeping bag for that one super cold night that you “might” experience on your trip, you may end up with a sleeping bag that is just too hot and uncomfortable for every other night of the year - and you may even find yourself in a situation where you have to spend more money and buy new sleeping bags.

At the end of the day buying a sleeping bag is not a simple straight forward one-size-fits-all sleeping solution, and it really does take some time and thought and a bit of pre-planning. Figure out where you are going, and for how long then base your purchase on the requirements you will need for 90% of the time.

Food for thought… you can value add to your existing sleeping bag by the different clothing worn when inside the sleeping bag, and you can also add blankets and sleeping bag liners to the inside of the sleeping bag if you need extra warmth and take up excess space, but buy a sleeping bag that is just too warm to start off with and you could get stuck, after you can add but you can’t subtract!

At Bundy Outdoors we recommend purchasing Junior Sleeping Bags and Junior Sleeping Bag Liners for children.