Swag Bags

When you invest in a swag, it also makes sense to choose a suitable swag bag. A swag bag is a safe, dry place to store your swag. When you take your swag out of storage, you can use your swag bag to carry some or all your other gear for the trip.

When choosing a swag bag, there are a few things to consider, the first of which is size. Most single swag bags are big enough for a standard or a king single swag, but this is not guaranteed. The same principle applies to queen swag bags and double swag bags.

To ensure you get the right size bag for your gear, check the manufacturer's measurements for your rolled swag and your potential swag bag. If it looks like your swag will fit on paper, measure your rolled swag. Sometimes the manufacturer's specs are correct when your swag leaves the factory, but your home rolling can leave it a little larger.

Once you're sure of your swag's size, consider whether you want to roll in a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, or other bedding with your sleeping system. If you regularly camp with those extra items, consider investing in a swag bag that's big enough to hold everything in one place. It keeps your swag as a grab-and-go system rather than a "grab my swag and find my other stuff" system.

Look for a bag with carrying straps that form a continuous strip around the bag and are stitched to the body of the bag for extra durability. Flaps to cover the zips help keep dust, dirt, and tiny critters out of your gear and D rings for tie-down are a great feature, especially for double swag bags that have to travel on your roof bars.

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