When it comes to shelter, size matters. If you’re on a long offroad tour, 4WD awnings can expand the living space of your campsite and provide a healthy dose of shade and shelter when you need it most. Attaching an awning to the roof of your 4WD gives you additional space in a matter of minutes and frees up much-needed storage room in your vehicle for other 4WD accessories. No extra gazebos. No secondary shelters. No problem. You’ll have a permanent shelter when you’re on the move, whenever you need it, wherever you are. At Bundy Outdoors, we stock a range of 4WD car awnings from some of the best names in the industry, including Darche, Oztent and Oztrail. 

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Our range of awnings offers a range of mounting options and sizes for any 4WD vehicle to suit whatever kind of protection you need, from simple pull-out awnings to spacious wrap-around awnings that offer up to 270 degrees of protection. Our awnings are constructed out of various waterproof and mould-proof materials, meaning that you stay dry and your awning lasts longer. Most of our awnings have additional options and accessories that enhance their capacity, including different side-awnings and walls to give you extra shelter, privacy and space. Check out the Versatile Eclipse Retreat Annex by Darche, which suspends from your Darche 180 and 270 Awning and converts it into a generous mesh-enclosed room for sleeping or storage, or the ESC Front awning extension, which provides additional protection and shade. 

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4WD enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who benefit from our awnings. Campers and caravanners will also reap the benefits of having a vehicle awning attached to their 4WD or RV. Choosing the right awning for your 4WD will always depend on a few things, especially your vehicle type. We also have a fantastic range of recovery gear — tools and vehiculartyre deflators and spotlights. When you’re checking out our huge range online, why not get in touch for expert advice on the correct awning for you? 

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