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Let’s face it, when you go camping you do give up some creature comforts, however one area that does not need to suffer is your backside, and with our wide range of quality camp chairs here at Bundy Outdoors, you can find a seating option to suit your camping style and comfort needs. The simple camp chair has evolved from the popular quad fold to now include luxury options such as lumbar support, head, and footrests, swinging and reclining positions, heat packs, lighting, and charge stations for mobile devices. 

In addition to camping chairs, we also stock a wide range of camping stools which are ideal for fishing or the quick overnight stop.

Finding the best camping chair for you may require a lot of testing, and you may even require more than one chair to fulfil your needs. If you aren't sure what chair would suit you best or can't find what you are looking for, reach out to us today.

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