Handheld Spotlights

A good quality handheld spotlight is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast, not just hunters. When it gets dark at your camp site, fishing spot or when out hunting a handheld spotlight comes in handy, with a simple flick of the switch and you have a bright portable spotlight. A handheld spotlight is an excellent source of lighting, and they are perfect for being on the go during the night.

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A good handheld spotlight is also useful if you find yourself in a pickle broken down on the side of the road in the dark or need to change a tyre. Fortunately, there are a multitude of handheld spotlights to choose from, ranging in brightness to lightweight and purposes. Just like vehicle spotlights handheld can also have a range of technological features, from LED bulbs, halogen bulbs or HID

How do I pick a handheld spotlight?

When picking a handheld spotlight there are 3 primary questions you need to ask yourself.

  1. How bright do I need the spotlight to be?

  2. What power source do you need to run or charge the handheld spotlight?

  3. Size, how big or small do you need your spotlight to be?

Brightness – as with any light a handheld spotlight’s brightness is probably the most important consideration depending on how it is being used. For a hunter something that is super bright and has a large beam distance will be preferred over a slightly duller light that might provide better immediate illumination. If you want to see something at a great distance, then you will need a bright handheld spotlight. However, bright is not always best. A very bright spotlight used at a close distance can sometimes cause things to look washed out.

Power Source – How is your handheld spotlight going to be powered? If you have a rechargeable spotlight, this can be very handy by charging on the go, however what happens when the battery goes flat? Does the spotlight have the option of using single-use batteries as well? Or does your spotlight run off the 12V car battery? Or does the spotlight run on single-use batteries, and will you need to carry spares, and is this the most cost-effective option? There is always a trade off with power sources, and you need to carefully consider your situation.

Size – How big or small do you need your handheld spotlight to be? Well, this is all dependant on how you are using it. If you are hiking or camping you might prefer a more compact version, but if you are hunting from a vehicle, you might need a larger portable spotlight.

Once you have your answer to these questions it will help to narrow down your selection.

Other factors to consider when selecting a handheld spotlight

Light Colour – Bulbs can come in a range of colours (yes, light has a range of colours) you can get a Warm White colour which is in the 3000K range and will cast a soft glow and can seem a bit yellow, then there is Cool White which is around the 6000k range. This Cool White light colour is a bright clear light. The last colour is Daylight White sitting in the 4000K range, and this is what is the most natural light, much like seeing something in the daylight.

Beam Spread – A spotlight’s beam can be Wide or Narrow. When people think of spotlight beams, they often say flood light. A flood light fills the immediate are with light. Allowing more things to be seen in proximity over a greater field of view.  Imagine standing there and pointing your spotlight away from you and the beam comes out in a “V” shape. A narrow beam can also be referred to as a pencil beam. This is where the beam comes out in an almost straight line and will pinpoint something at the end of the light beam, but here the foreground and outer perimeter of the light beam remains largely dark.

Weatherproof/Waterproof – how weatherproof do you need? If you are largely going to be using your handheld spotlight in emergency situations or only on the odd occasion, weatherproofing or waterproofing might not be an important consideration, however if you get the option to get a spotlight with a good IP rating, do so. You don’t want to get caught in the rain, or your spotlight falling out of the boat or dropping it in the water or mud accidentally.

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