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Men’s Hiking and Backpacking Backpacks

Just like people Hiking backpacks should not be a one size fits all. Men in general men tend to have a different body shape to women, and that is why most companies that produce high-end technical backpacks which are used for Hiking, Backpacking, Trekking and Thru-Hiking such as Osprey have a men’s backpack range and a women’s backpack range. The men's backpack range often have a longer torso length and are wider at the shoulder points than the women's backpacks. This is because men usually have an inverted-triangle shape to their bodies with a wider shoulder and chest area and narrower at the hips and women tend to have a triangle shape over all, where hips are wider than shoulders.

However, that doesn't mean that a woman can't wear a mens pack, on the contrary, it really does come down to body shape, features and comfort - and at times colour.

Things to look for when selecting a hiking backpack

  • Padding

  • Ventilation

  • External Anchor Points 

  • Internal Access Points

  • Rain cover 

  • Hydration Compatibility.

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