Night Vision

Night vision gives hunters an advantage over their prey during midnight adventures in the bush. With enhanced precision, hunters can take accurate aim in low-light and no-light conditions. Varmint hunters especially appreciate the clarity of night vision and the lightweight feel of a quality scope.

Traditional night vision scopes work by using optoelectronic imaging enhancement. The scopes detect small amounts of infrared light reflecting off animals and amplify it electronically. What hunters see is a glowing greenish image. The scopes use lenses that convert photons into electrons, which is why images do not appear in colour. Green is the easiest colour to see at night, so most night vision scopes use green phosphors.

Night vision vs traditional gear

Hunters keep a variety of gear to use depending on the situation in which they find themselves stalking their prey. Binoculars, monoculars, range finders, and traditional rifle scopes work best during daytime hours. The digital enhancement provided by night vision means hunters have a versatile night vision device that is not a burden to carry along on hunts.

The best night vision scope brands

Bundy Outdoors carries only the best hunting equipment and accessory brands, ranging from spotting scopes to thermal imaging. Hunters can shop our selection online or stop by our Bundaberg location to check out our equipment in person. Our knowledgeable team members can answer any questions and help you pick the best brands to meet your needs.

Finding night vision technology in Australia

Hunters looking for night vision technology in Australia need to look no further than Bundy Outdoors. Whether you are gearing up for your next midnight adventure or adding to your collection of hunting equipment for future endeavours, we have everything you need online and in-store. Stop by today or contact our team for assistance.

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