Single Swags

Whether you're looking for a classic envelope swag, a lightweight swag for your biking expedition, or a feature-rich dome swag with covers or awnings, we've got the best single swag for you. We have huge stocks of competitively priced swags, so you can get what you need when you need it without breaking the bank.

All our single swags feature PVC floors to keep you dry, rugged Ripstop® canvas to protect you from the weather and a comfortable foam mattress. Together, these versatile sleeping systems provide a quick and easy way to sleep under the stars.

For hiking and biking, look for a lightweight swag in the traditional envelope style. This design is small and light enough to carry on your bike or backpack. In addition, the simple "roll and go" design is pole-free, and guy ropes will keep your swag in place.

If you feel a little too confined by an envelope swag, an apex swag gives you the same level of speed and convenience with a pole at one end for more headroom.

Dome swags provide even more room to move, with some domes giving you space to wriggle in and out of clothes, stash a book and snack at your side, or just spread out a little to enjoy your night. Of course, the trade-off for a dome swag is that it's bigger and heavier than its more compact cousins, so it is best suited to travelling by vehicle.

A single swag is not only a fantastic way to camp. It's also an excellent piece of gear to have in your truck. Whether it's an evening out at a friend's place that turns into an overnighter or an unplanned stopover on a cross-country road trip, with a single swag, you can be comfortable and asleep in less time than it takes to unpack a tent.

At Bundy Outdoors, we've been selling the best single swags in Australia for over 40 years. Our extensive range includes Australian-made swags designed for the demanding weather and environments in our beautiful country. Contact the Bundy Outdoors team and discover the best camping and outdoor gear in the country.

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