A Machete is knife that has many uses and can be used to clear brush, slash out small trees and shrubs for crops or gardening and to crack coconuts and cut down fruit. They can even be used to cut firewood and tinder.

Whether you are hunting, remote hiking or camping, a quality machete knife can be a true multi-tool. In a survival situation a machete can be used to help create shelters.

Machetes are available in a wide range of styles and lengths known as Kukri Machetes, Sawback Machete, Bolo Blade Machete or Bush Machete. Each machete is crafted for specific uses and environments, but names and styles will vary from place to place.

Now you have a brief overview of what a machete is and how it can be used, you can browse through the range here at Bundy Outdoors and find the right machete for you.

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