Australian Made

As a locally owned family independent business, supporting Australian Companies and promoting Australian Made products is very important to us. We love to celebrate and support Aussie innovators and manufactures.

Why buy Australian Made?

Australia has had a long and proud manufacturing history and buying Australian made helps to keep Aussie companies and employees going, putting money back into local communities.

There is a difference to being Australian Owned and Operated and Australian Made. When a manufacturer or business is Australian Owned and Operated it is just that, they are owned by Australians, but products may be manufactured overseas. Australian Made, means the products are made here in the land down under. Made by Australians for Australians.

When buying Australian made you can be sure that all products are made to Australian standards. They are made to last, and Australia requires business to meet some of the worlds’ strictest labour, business, safety, and quality control standards. Buying Australian made means you are supporting business and companies that treat and pay their employees fairly and uses high quality resources and materials.

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