4WD Spotlights

This Australian Made Powa Beam 7” Spotlight is designed to be used as a searchlight from your vehicle or boat. It connects directly to your battery to ensure you have uninterrupted light all night long. It is our top selling size and popular among farmers and recreation shooters & fishers.

All Powa Beam Spotlights are hand focused for maximum performance and every part is replaceable.


Reflector Size

175ø mm (diameter)

Casing Size

195ø mm (diameter)x 140mm depth




50W approx.

Light Type

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

Beam Type

Adjustable from Spot to Spread

Beam Colour Temperature

5000K Neutral White


Steel Bracket with 9mm mounting hole

What’s Included:

  • Powa Beam 7” 50W HID Spotlight
  • 3.5m Cable
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Battery Clips
  • Powa Beam Bumper Sticker

Optional Extras

Powa Beam Spotlight Carry Bag (sold separately)

Powa Beam Lightweight Spotlight Remote Handle (sold separately)

Powa Beam Window Mount Strut Bracket (sold separately)


Do not touch the HID bulb, ballast, and cord after turning on the system: It generates 20,000 voltages while   turned on and may cause burns or fatal accidents by electric shock, as well as shorten the lifespan of the bulb.

Do not turn on/off frequently: It will shorten the lifespan of the bulb. It may also cause the HID bulb not to turn on which is an indication that the safety circuit is activated on the ballast, and it is not a fault. Wait a while then turn it back on.

If HID turns off while in use: Turn it off at the switch and wait approximately 15min then turn it on again. If the bulb returns to its normal condition, then this indicates that a safety switch was activated, and you can continue using the light. If there is no improvement, then contact the store you purchased the light from.


Brand Powa Beam

Please make your selection carefully as we are unable to accept this product for refund or exchange for Change of Mind or if you made an incorrect purchase. You will, however, still be covered by the Manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.

3 Year Limited Warranty*

*Powa Beam’s limited warranty guarantees that all Powa Beam brand products are to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of 3 YEARS after retail purchase from an authorized dealer. Please retain proof of purchase for warranty purposes.

This guarantee excludes, but is not limited to, damages from road hazards/accidents, improper installation (including wiring) or operation, modification, unauthorized repair, misapplication, or deliberate damage. It also excludes any consequential damage or inconvenience caused by failure of the product. Powa Beam’s liability is limited to the repair or replacement at Powa Beam’ discretion. No warranty exists for bulbs, globes or lens unless specified.

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