Built on their own Passion for hunitng, shooting and the outdoors, Spika was born from the realisation that anyone and everyone should have unrestricted access to explore and experience the outdoors. Their Gear has been designed locally and tested globally from the Australian outback up to the Souther Alps of New Zealand and beyond. 

When Spika produced the Spika branded product the focus for them has been and always will be a fusion of quality, great prices and impeccable after sales customer care. 

Spika deal with hunting apparel, go casual wear, footwear, hunting packs, knives, hunting accessories, shooting accessories, firearm care and protection and mighty tough Gun safes. 

Spika Branded Products have been created with the view that you, along with millions of others are gettting out and about; wheather on the sooting range, traversing bushland, on the farm or camping with mates and family; Spika's aim is to ensure you have great reliable gear. The focus on delievering superior products drifes us to crreate the best for our customers, helping make your adventures memorable and the absolute best. Our origins of designing and producing firearm safes has set the tone of what it takes to make a spika product. This experience has gone into every spika product, producing the toughest, most reliable and quality products to market. Spika has evolved to grow based on your beeback and ensures that our products continue to develop as required, building a range of products that cater to any scenario you may find yourself in. Spika's customers are their motivation to continue the produce the best, most reliable gear for everyone. They don't want you to be held back shopping when you could get oustide, so when we create a spika product rest assured that it's going to be fit for purpose and ready to go.

Spika's Quality, along with our exceptional after sales care is what positions spika apart from the rest and ultimately gives you confidence when you choose a spika product. Above alll esle Spika want you to Get Outside

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