Dome Tents

Dome Tents are the most traditional and popular style of tent used right around the world.  Normally constructed by long poles that span from the ground on opposite sides of the tent, arching up and creating a dome appearance to which an inner fly is fastened to, and an outer fly sits on.  Dome Tents come in many shapes and sizes, are quick and easy to set up, and most of all, very compact to pack down.

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Most dome tents are usually self-supporting which means they don’t require the poles to be tied to anything to remain upright, leaving only the outer fly needing extra securing.  The Oztrail Bungalow 9 is an excellent example of are large dome tent that requires little roping down with the majority of the fixing being achieved by the ground pegs at the base of the tent, and therefore has minimal tripping hazards around your campsite.  This is great for navigating around your campsite at night especially for young children or those who have had a few to drink.

The overall design of a dome tent allows for excellent protection from the elements making them a great universal choice for your next camping expedition.