Recovery Gear

Having the right recovery gear can make or break a 4x4 adventure and going well prepared for any situation should always be a priority. Choosing the right gear means you can safely navigate your way out of most sticky situations. Bundy Outdoors has you covered with an extensive range of 4x4 and off-road recovery gear. Invest in quality products and avoid cheap recovery gear, you'll appreciate it in the long run.

When traveling off road having all the gear to get you out of a tight spot is extremely important. 4wd recovery kits, and other recovery gear are a must for any 4x4 enthusiast. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in mud, sand or even water while trying to enjoy your outdoor adventure and not having the right recovery gear to get you out. Here at Bundy Outdoors, we stock a large range of recovery gear for your 4wd other essential 4wd safety equipment to keep your next trip safe and enjoyable.

4wd Recovery Kits with Bundy Outdoors

Shop for all your snatch straps, trunk protectors, recovery kits, axes and branch saws here at Bundy Outdoors. As 4x4 enthusiasts who spend a lot of time camping and off-road driving, we can point you in the right direction for all your 4x4 recovery needs.

We also stock other outdoor and camping products from a wide range of brands. Why not spend some time browsing our online store or come in to our Bundaberg shop.

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