Fast Frame Tents

Fast Frame Tents or Instant Up Tents are designed to be erected quickly and easily without the need (generally) to build and install poles. The general concept is a frame that is permanently fixed to the tent which can unfold and lock into position giving the tent its shape and structure quickly and with little fuss.

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Most Fast Frame Tents are secured firstly into position by pegging out the corners, lifting the framework, installing an outer fly if needed, and then securing guy ropes and any additional awning poles that may be included.

The major benefit of Fast Frame Tents is the speed at which you erect and pack down your tent, and the ability to do so with just one person. Less time working, more time relaxing.

On the flipside, the disadvantage of a Fast Frame Tent is the pack down size.  Because the poles are secured to the tent, and usually fully extended with one or two unfolds, their length makes it impossible to be as compact as a Dome Tent.  This usually means you have a tent that is longer in length when pack down, taking up more room with transporting and also the final pack size is also substantially heavier than a tent where the poles can be packaged and carried separately.

Despite this, Fast Frame Tents are becoming the tent of choice, especially for larger tents where installation can be achieved in just minutes.