Hunting Knives

A quality hunting knife is an absolute must for any hunter, regardless of if you are a bow hunter, a shooter or even a spear fisher, a knife is something that is always required to process game.

It is not unusual for a hunter to have a couple of knives, like bowie knives and skinning knives but hunting knives do not always fall squarely into these categories, and more often than not, hunting knives can have a dual purpose. You can get a skinning knife that comes with a gut hook for gutting game or in addition to a skinning knife a hunter may have a caping knife. Or a Bowie knife can be used for precise work such as skinning but is not afraid of the grunt work of chopping sticks, twine, and other uses around the campsite. A hunting knife can either be a fixed blade or a folding blade knife and vary in lengths and thicknesses.

Quality hunting knifes such as Muela and Maserin are carefully handcrafted for comfort and control and praised world wide for the quality of their materials.

How to choose a hunting knife

Regardless of which type of hunting knife you choose; it should match your had size and strength. A hunting knife needs to fit your hand and feel comfortable and not slip. Often a textured handle and a curved butt should be sought to minimise the slippage and accidental cuts when dispatching animals in the field and you get blood on your hands.

Hunting knife blades

Hunting knife blades are all made of steel, but the grades of steel will vary between knives and brands. Softer steel will sharpen easily but also dulls the fastest, while harder steel takes more time and effort to sharpen, but ultimately holds its edge longer.

Stainless Steel is classed as a soft steel while carbon steel is classed as a hard steel. Most hunting knives are advertised as high-carbon stainless steel which have a very high strength property with extreme hardness and is resistant to wear. High carbon stainless steel is a good alternative to high carbon steel, due to its durability and they tend maintain a razor-sharp edge and the main advantage is its resistance to stains.

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