Darche Kozi Series

After three decades of off-road camping adventures and 4x4 touring we’ve started a family - the DARCHE® KOZI® series!
The KOZI® series brings our iconic brand of DARCHE® innovation and high-quality outdoor gear to family camping.

Inspired by  the  Australian  landscape  and  our  tallest  mountain  -  Mount  Kosciuszko  -  The  DARCHE®  KOZI®  series  is  accessible,  affordable  and  functional  outdoor  camping  gear  that  will  suit  families  of  all  sizes  and  camping experience.

Explore the  impressive  range  of  DARCHE®  KOZI®  Series  roof  top  tents,  tents, shelters, swags, bedding, furniture and awnings!

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