Bundy Outdoors is a family owned and operated camping and outdoors store that has been established for over 44 years in the Bundaberg CBD. Camping has long been a favourite Australian pastime, and we love seeing people for all walks enjoying the great outdoors. 

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Air Compressors & Tyre Deflators

AIR COMPRESSORS No matter what car you own, an air compressor and tyre gauge are good things to have in your car. Most people think you only need an air compressor if you own a 4wd or just when you go camp

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AOS 4WD Storage Solutions

Most people think that the hardest part of hitting the road or any 4WD rebuild or re-vamp is going to be the vehicle. Speaking from experience that wasn't the case with us. We knew exactly what we wanted for o

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Canvas Needs Seasoning Too

Outdoor enthusiasts and people who are familiar with Cast Iron will be familiar with the word “season” simply this means preparing your cast iron for use, but did you know that canvas needs to be seasoned too?

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Hydration - and a bit of science

As with any sport, hydration is a key part of preparation and also replenishment during the activity and hiking/trekking is no different, and water alone unfortunately just won’t cut it. This is why, when you

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