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Author: @tales.trails.journeys - Submitted  Date Posted:28 January 2021 

Most people think that the hardest part of hitting the road or any 4WD rebuild or re-vamp is going to be the vehicle. Speaking from experience that wasn't the case with us.  We knew exactly what we wanted for our Troopy, where to get it and how to install it, but what really eluded us was storage options.

We knew that by installing a drawer system meant that we would need a storage solution that had flexibility, and we don’t just mean physically but essentially as well. The storage system would need to be versatile, to use with gear as well as food and clothing and preferably stackable to make the use of available space. Although we have a Troopy space is relative. We aren’t towing a van or camper and we also don’t have a rooftop tent, we sleep in the back, so everything needs to be well organised, stacked and stored.  We tried storage boxes, and these were good, but we couldn’t use all of our empty compartments on the front or the sides of the drawers, we tried other box styles as well but we found they also weren’t versatile enough… then we found AOS (Aussie Outback Supplies). And to quote Tom Cruise here “You complete me”!

AOS drawer bags are amazing, and completely Australian owned, designed and made which in our mind makes them even better. The drawer bags are made of a heavy-duty waterproof canvas -14oz to be exact which is approx. 400gsm and when we say made in Australia, we don’t just mean sewn here, we mean the canvas is Australian made too…Winning! The clear PVC top makes identifying what is in the bag super easy and with #10 lockable zippers our contents is secure too should we ever need to take them out and leave them beside the Troopy. Now this is not the best part, they come in two sizes, and hopefully they will make another size… fingers crossed. The two sizes currently available are Large and Small.  The small though, isn’t what we consider “small” its half the size of the large, so really, it’s kind of a medium size. It’s the same width and height just not as deep. And we truly hope they make a smaller version almost half the size of the current small like a square type shape. We’re sure we are not the only ones that would love a square sized version.

“What does that mean for us” we hear you say…this is where the versatility and flexibility come in. Granted the larger drawer bags will only fit in the drawers or on the top of the drawer system, but the small ones...well, these fit in every compartment around the drawers, as well as in the drawers…obviously…duh! And this has allowed us to really utilise all our available space! We use the larger ones for things like clothes, and food, kitchen utensils and other bulky items that go directly in the drawers and the smaller ones are used for our recovery gear, toiletries and as well as other items that we don’t need to on a regular basis, but we still need to be organised and easily accessible.

But the AOS Drawer bags are not the only storage options we nabbed! We also got a Canvas Dash Organiser and a Seat Back Organiser. Both are made with he same heavy-duty canvas, and let us tell you, they have wiggled their way firmly into our “must have list” for travel accessories. 

We hung the Dash organiser across the front of our glove box, with the Troopy the dash gets super-hot so we found the best place was to hang it and that’s it’s versatility on full display. The dash organiser has Velcro strips which can be used to fix it to your dash mat, but it also has two D-Rings which allow us to hang it.

The seat back organiser is probably the quiet achiever of the group though. We used the seat back organiser outside and inside… ah the versatility. When we were outside, we hung it from our awning, so we could put bits and bobs in there including phones, BBQ lighters, insect repellent and the like. It was up and out of the way but oh so handy. At night we unhooked it and hung it over the back of the seats while we slept, which kept our phones in close reach plus anything else we might need during the night like water bottles or insect repellent and keys etc. But here's where it got really fun, we grabbed some of those suction hook thingys and while we are driving around we stuck the seat organiser to one of the rear windows!!! Now, we guess it's a window organiser?? Anywho,  when we open the back door, all bits and bobs are still at our fingertips...Whoop Whoop!

We really do love these accessories and this true blue Aussie company and will most certainly buy more products as we need them, lets face it you can never have too many. The quality is amazing, they are hard wearing, heavy-duty and practical…And…versatile (and you thought we wouldn’t say it again.)

Yours in creating tales, taking trails and enjoying the journey.



Australian Made Aussie Outback Supplies!

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