Camp Oven Apricot Chicken

Author: Bundy Outdoors  

Sticking to the one pot camping meals using camp ovens this is another amazing recipe and it's simple and cheap. I also make it a home - so I guess it's just a general all-round-little-ripper.
Apricot Chicken

1 Pkt French Onion Soup Mix

1 Tin Apricots in Syrup

Chicken - either left overs, fresh or BBQ'd - your choice

Salt & Pepper

*** if you want you can also turn this into a sweet curry version, like an Apricot Curry Chicken by adding curry powder.


Cut the chicken into small pieces

Empty the tin of Apricots in syrup into a bowl, smash the apricots into small pieces or mash them up in a bowl using a fork and add the packet of french onion soup mix.
Brown the chicken in the camp oven (if using fresh raw chicken) and then add the apricots and the soup mix. If you are using leftovers then just whack the whole lot in to pot and simmer away. Should you decide you want to turn this into a curry add the curry powder at the same time you are browning the chicken.

Cook until chicken is cooked through and serve with rice, or mash potato or even just eat it on it's own. Yummo

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