Campfire French Toast

Campfire French Toast.

This little slice of heaven (all pun intended) is simply amaze-balls!  I make it regularly when we are camping for special occasions, and it makes a darn great alternative to offering kids Easter Eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday.

It's simple to make and oh so delicious.



1 Loaf of bread of your choice.

2-3 Large eggs beaten with a dash of milk

Golden Syrup, fruit and icing sugar for serving


Baking paper


Take sheet of al-foil and top with a sheet of baking paper. Place a whole loaf of bread in the centre and make a "boat" around the whole loaf make sure it isn't too tight you want the egg mixture to fall between the slices. Pour the beaten eggs over the whole loaf making sure to let it dribble betweent the bread slices.
Place another sheet of baking paper over the top, tucking into the boat and top with al-foil. Place near the campfire (not on it) and rotate every so often.
when fully done take the top of the boat off and coat with Golden syrup (maple syrup is also a great alternative), icing sugar and fruit. Serve immediately.


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