Gold sluices are useful because they help extract gold from different soil types. The sluice box is a long, narrow box that water flows through with the help of a pump. The water carries the soil and gravel mixture through a series of screens that separate the larger rocks from the smaller rocks and sand. This leaves behind any gold that may be in the mixture.

Start your prospecting journey with a practical sluice

Prospecting sluices are a great way to prospect for gold without having to dig up large amounts of soil. They can be used in areas where there is a lot of gold-bearing material, such as riverbeds or streams. They are also affordable and easy to use, which makes them a popular choice for prospectors.

If you are interested in finding gold, then a gold sluice from Bundy Outdoors is a good option for you — our Gold Rat Pocket Gold Sluice - blue is a great place to start. They can be a fun and easy way to get started in prospecting, and they may help you find some gold that you would otherwise miss.

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Prospecting is a fun process that requires patience and the right equipment. So, if you’re looking to step up your prospecting game, look no further. While you’re here, why not also browse through our selection of gold pans, headphones, metal detectors, pin pointers and recovery tools to fill out your prospecting kit for a complete setup. 

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