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Hiking Hack #6
I can't really say this is a "specific" hiking hack as you can use it everyday. The humble tea bag... put one or 2 in each boot (or shoe) when you return from a hike to keep the bad smells at bay!
It's cheap and convenient, and lets face it, just about everyone has a tea bag or two at home.



Hiking Hack #5
This hack is a bit of a double whammy will satisfy a craving and keep you warm, are you intrigued?? 

Here's Hack #5
Corn Chips - a favourite snack of mine on a hike that will help to curb hunger and, as most of these are salty will help to replace the salt (sodium) you lose from sweat, but these little triangles of crunchy happiness just keep giving.

They burn, and burn well. So well in fact they can keep up with any fire starter. So rather than pack fire starters and snacks, sacrifice a couple of chips to start a fire... I'm sure the Gobbledok won't mind.


Hiking Hack #4
Well this one isn't just for the hikers, it comes in handy for camping too. 
Protect your toilet paper from the rain... It's bad enough having to duck to the loo during the rain but having to try and juggle toilet paper and keeping it dry is a bit of a challenge.
Introduccing Hiking Hack #4 - You can go out and buy one of these little babies, its a bit of a tent for your roll, or ... use a large zip lock bag and a piece of string. 

Cut the corners of the zip lock bag off and thread the string through the hole and the toilet roll and up through the other side of the bag, make the string long enough to go over your head and hang around your neck. That way your toilet roll stays nice and try and your hands are free.



Hiking Hack #3
Sometimes no matter how hard you try when it comes to rain or creek crossings socks and clothing are going to get wet and you don't really want to be putting dirty, wet and or muddy socks back inside your bag. Even if you have done a bit of washing and need them to dry while you are on the move.
Viola! Hiking Hack #3
Bulldog clips. Use them to hang wet clothing or other items to the outside of your bag. They are tough, cheap and handy.


Hiking Hack #2
Duct Tape, now you don't need to be a hiker to LOOOOVE duct tape. Lets be real, it fixes EVERYTHING!! Car Parts, Toys, Gardening Equipment you name it, and duct tape can fix it! 
Here comes Hack #2... Tape hiking boots when they decide to fall apart (how inconvenient of them!), tape blisters, tears in bags and tents you can even use it to seal a leak in a hydration reservoir, and the list goes on - it's a bit of a miracle item really.

But packing a roll of duct tape can be a bit of an overkill, so since this tape sticks to everything and can be re-used, wrap some around a lighter or water bottle to save space. 






Hiking Hack #1
Ever been hiking and go to bathe and you either drop your soap on the ground, in the creek or worse your liquid soap leaks through your gear? ... enter Hiking Hack #1

Make small soap bars with a veggie peeler before you go.
Creates lots of little one-bath soaps, and if you drop it or lose it, no biggie and no more liquid leaks... WINNING!







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