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You will find a heap of cost effective, simple to use tips and trips to make your next camping, traveling or hiking trip a bit easier, they might even be fun too.
Camping Tip #3
So, this one is actually one of my favourites not only for camping but for traveling, whether it's a weekend away for a full blown European tour.  
Now, other than Duct Tape, I have found shower caps to be so versatile they are a staple in our household, as I mentioned in my last tip, use them to cover food, but why not shoes too??
Keep your dirty grubby shoes, thongs or boots separate from everything else by putting them in shower caps. Again the elastic sides wrap around the outside and keep them snug as a bug. And if you have big feet, no problem, use one per shoe!!


Camping Tip #2

Flies!!! They seem to come out of no-where and when you are trying to keep them off your food we all seem to look like crazy people waving our hands round in all different directions! Flounder no more.... Use Shower Caps!
These cheap and easily found items are a must for camping, or even the beach BBQ. The elastic sides mean the pesky little critters can't land on your food, and they are re-usable and fit almost anything!


Camping Tip #1


Hand washing... hand washing is important no matter where you are, but when you are camping it can be a bit of a mission especially if you have kids, so here is an easy, cheap, DIY solution.
Strap a paper towel dispenser to the top of your hand washing tub. That way you can wash your hands, dispense the right amount of paper towel, without the towel trying to do a runner across the table or even worse the ground, and it's even easy for the kids to use.



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