Mud and Sand Recovery Tips

Author: Bundy Outdoors  

When traveling off road having all the gear to get you out of a tight spot is super important. 4wd Recovery kits, and recovery gear are a must for any 4x4 enthusiast.

A good 4wd recovery kit or recovery gear is the most essential item/s you will need when planning a 4x4 adventure of even just going camping. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in mud, sand or even water while trying to enjoy your outdoor adventure trip. We stock a large range of 4wd recovery equipment including Snatch Straps, Bow Shackles, High Lift Jack, Trunk Protectors and other essential 4wd safety equipment to keep your next trip safe and enjoyable.

Mud driving recovery tips:

To keep your next 4x4 trip stress-free when encountering mud try these tips.

Mud can be one of the most fun forms of off-road driving but can also be a stressful time if you are inexperienced or unprepared, but it also carries a certain amount of risk especially when it comes to 4wd recovery after getting bogged.

  1. Check the area before attempting a mud crossing in your 4wd. Mud has this uncanny ability to hide obstacles that can not only cause you to get bogged, but major damaged to your precious vehicle.
  2. If you feel like you are losing traction, saw your steering wheel (moving it side-to-side quickly), this can sometimes aid in gaining that ever important traction to keep your 4x4 moving. Sawing is a great technique when going up muddy hills.
  3. If things do go wrong, make sure you have traction aids handy. Recovery tracks are perfect for this, a winch, snatch straps and trunk protectors are also super handy. If you don’t have recovery tracks, use anything to give you some traction, rocks, branches or logs can help. Don’t try and drive yourself out, you could end up digging yourself a bigger hole, all pun intended.

Mud recovery is hard, dirty work, however if you have all the right gear and know how to use it can be relatively stress-free. So before you head off the beaten path, make sure you grab some gear that will make getting out of tricky situations that much easier.

Sand driving recovery tips:

Sand is everywhere off-road, it’s not just on the beaches but can be on the banks of creeks and rivers and in the desert. But beach driving is one of the best things about owning a 4x4, and as an island nation there are plenty beaches to explore when you next head off on your next 4wd touring or camping adventure.

Sand driving is a bit easier than mud driving but it does have it’s pitfalls. And here are a few tips and things to consider when hitting the dunes.

  1. Tyre pressure – tyre pressures are probably the most important factor in ensuring a safe and fun sand adventure. It’s not possible to know exactly what tyre pressure will suit you as it all depends on the weight of the vehicle, type of vehicle and the exact firmness of the sand you are driving on. But rule of thumb is use a Pressure Guage and deflate to 20-25 psi, don’t go too much lower as you could roll your tyre off the rim causing a whole other set of issues. Just remember to re-inflate your tyres as you change surfaces, 4x4 air compressors are so handy for doing this on an on-going basis
  2. Keep a shovel and recovery tracks handy. Just like mud you need traction to get out of a bog. But unlike mud, you can sometimes dig yourself out or may need to dig down in order to get your recovery tracks in place. If you do get stuck, try reversing out, but remember if your wheels start spinning freely stop and start digging.
  3. Keep momentum, when you are traveling at speed across deep sand and stop, slow down or try to turn, you are almost guaranteed to get bogged.  Keep your momentum going.
  4. Stay safe and use a sand flag, these are high-vis flags that can be fitted to your vehicle when driving around sand dunes.

Get all this gear and more right here so that you are ready for your next 4wd touring adventure! Stay safe out there! From 4WD Awningsspotlights, lightbars and roof top tents. We have everything needed for your next off-road adventure.