Darche Swags

There’s nothing more Australian than a swag. Traditionally a lightweight bedroll carried by early settlers and agricultural workers in the Australian outback, swags combine the tent, sleeping bag, and mattress into a single unit that can be rolled and unrolled in a matter of seconds. Modern swags are equipped with insect-proof mesh head panels, head poles and foot supports, thicker mattresses, better water-proofing and extra room. A lightweight, easily assembled, and highly resilient alternative to a tent, swags are perfect for the solitary hiker on the go.

Darche swags — the best in the business

At Bundy Outdoors, we stock a wide range of Darche swags. Founded in 1991, Darche Australia made a name for itself with the dome swag, an iconic tent model that added extra head-room and protection to the traditional swag, and it’s been leading the way in swag design ever since.

The classic three-pole design is perfect for quick overnight stays in adverse weather. It has enough room for one person to sleep comfortably, a high-density foam mattress with a removable cover for easy cleaning, and two big all-weather storm covers that can also be used as awnings.

Its large mesh panels keep insects out and, with the fly removed, lets you sleep under the stars in good weather.  Darche Australia offers an impressive range of sizes and materials for all conditions and requirements, from the slender and lightweight Biker Swag, to the  Kozi Series Alpine Swag 1100, which will keep you warm in cooler weather. We also stock Darche’s innovative Air-volution™ swag tents with a puncture-resistant inflatable system that can be assembled in less than a minute with a Darche tent pump.

Bundy Outdoors — home of the Darche swag

Darche is part of the Australian tradition and leads the outdoor space with innovative designs, superior quality materials and a commitment to our heritage. If you’re looking for a swag, you’re looking for Darche. Get in touch with our team at Bundy Outdoors to find out more.