The Kookaburra replacement wicks are made from cotton/polyester/ glass fibre. It is recommended that you keep your heater wicks away from water, do not use old fuel with a new heater wick. Ensure that the heat is turned off and cool to touch before replacing the wick.

For peak performance, yearly wick replacement is recommended for a long-lasting heater. To know if your burner is working to its full compacity your heater should always burn clean and bright. Never force the wick control as it should always raise and lower freely.

To make your heater long-lasting do not use old kerosene and always allow wick to absorb kerosene for one or tow hours before lighting, this is also recommended if the heater has run out of fuel.

To replace your old wick, make sure you have the correct size wick. Simply pull apart your heater, when you get to the burner with the old wick attached lift it up and take off old wick. Grab your new wick, fold in half. On the new wick you will see a black line on the orange band around the wick, this shows you how far up the wick goes. If you look closely, in the burner are little teeth this is where the wick attaches on. Push wick onto teeth until the whole wick is attached to burner. Check your gasket and make sure it doesn’t need replacing, turn over the burner with the wick and get the wick around the cylinder lined up correctly and push down, tuck in all sides of the wick until the wick is in the heater. Assemble the heater back together and there you have it!


  • Change wick yearly
  • Heater should burn quick and bright
  • Only use kerosene, with no colouring
  • Don’t use old kerosene
  • Allow wick to absorb kerosene for 2 hours before lighting


SKU WI3651
Barcode # 9316749003785
Brand Kookaburra Outdoor Leisure

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