Mosquito Repellent - Buzz Patch Mosquito Patches

This is a pack of pure magic. A scientifically formulated and tested blend of highly effective, all natural essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years by indigenous communities to repel mosquitos.

The world's #1 all-natural, non-spray shield to protect you and your family against mosquito bites.

Say goodbye to mosquitos. The natural way!

Designed in conjunction with Monash University in Australia along with a global team of entomologists (mosquito experts), BuzzPatch has become the world leader in safe, natural, non-spray mosquito repellents.


  • Funtastic Emoji Stickers
  • Medical Grade, Non-woven Fabric
  • Funtastic Emoji Stickers
  • Smells Awesome
  • Easy to Use
  • Goes on clothes, (Not on Skin)
  • Long Lasting Zip Lock Bag

How to use

Simply peel off BuzzPatch sticker and place it on your clothing nearest to the exposed body areas. For kids aged 0-2 years, use 1 patch placed centrally on the body. For kids aged 3-5 years, place 2 patches on the body—one on the torso and one on the legs. For ages 6+, use 2-4 patches—one placed on clothing next to each exposed limb.

What's inside

Each pack contains 60 beautifully designed emoji stickers which you and your family will love. Each sticker is made from medical grade non-woven fabric and contains an all natural Citronella essential oil blend, carefully formulated to repel mosquitos.

Where to use

BuzzPatch is perfect for use indoors and outdoors including:

  • Holiday house / Cottage
  • Backyard play
  • Playgrounds
  • Parks and Forests
  • Camping Trips
  • Hiking Trails
  • Fishing and Boating; and anywhere where mosquitos are around!


Are they safe?

The patches contain undiluted essential oils on non-woven fabic and is safe to place on clothing. Patches are NOT intended to be placed directly on the skin.

How do I place stickers to protect my whole child's body?

It is recommended placing patches on outer clothes, closest to arms, legs and exposed skin.

Kids aged 0-2 need 1 patch: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest)
Kids aged 3-5 need 2 patches: One patch on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts.
Kids aged 6+ and parents need 2-4 patches: One patch on the clothing next to each exposed limb (one on the sleeve of both the left and right arm, and if wearing shorts, one on the left and right side of the shorts)

How long will sealed stickers last?

The bag has a ziplock. Put the unused patches into the bag and seal it. BuzzPatch when sealed will last up to 24 months.

Where are BuzzPatch stickers made?

Patches are formulated and designed in Australia.

How do they work?

Mosquitoes find us by sensing the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit when we exhale. Certain compounds, including specific essential oils, overpower the CO2 we emit, essentially hiding us from mosquitoes.

How many stickers do I need?

Kids aged 0-2 need 1: One patch placed centrally on clothes (ie, on their jumpsuit on the stomach, chest)
Kids aged 3-5 need 2: One patch on the top clothes (sweater, t-shirt) and one on the shorts.

Precautionary Statements

For external use only on clothes. Not suitable for use in water or when swimming. Keep away from food, drink and eyes, and wash hands immediately after use. Do not allow children to play with patch. In case of accidental poisoning, contact a doctor or your Poisons Information Centre.


Barcode # 0746160047577
Brand BuzzPatch

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