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Darche has a reputation for being tough, reliable and synonymous with the Australian Outback.

It’s built for touring and built to last.  No matter your style of camping, there’s a Darche product just for you.

Darche is the innovator in Air Pole Technology which has bought us the AT-4 and AT-6 Tent, along with the AD Series of inflatable Swags.

The attention to detail has seen Darche excel in producing quality awnings for 4x4 setups, with unprecedented knuckle technology giving extra strength and flexibility to moving parts, lessening the risk of damage during adverse weather.

Darche is also the market leader when it comes to Swags.  Design and ingenuity are at the forefront and have birthed the Dirty Dee, Dusk to Dawn, AWOL, Ridgedome and the Calibre just to name a few.

The pinnacle for Darche is their extensive range of Roof Top Tents.  Once again designed with extreme attention to detail offering the user a quality product that is built to last.

If you are looking to experience all that is Australia, then do it with a Darche!