Just about every 4wd you see has a side awning or roof top tent attached to it. So are they really all that great? The answer is yes! Awnings give you extra covered space in your camp site, but even if you aren't camping and just out on a 4x4 adventure and want to pull up for lunch, they are the perfect portable shade provider.  4x4 awnings come in a varity of sizes and the ones from Darche have the added bonus of covering a 180 or 270 degree area.

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A good quality awning is one of most practical and popular 4WD accessories to have.  Quick and easy to erect, a side awning gives you effective shade and protection from the sun with minimal set up or fuss. But the advantages don't stop there, add a side wall for wind protection and you have the perfect beach shelter.  An inner tent kit can be easily added for a convenient overnight stay.

For a more advanced set up, check out the range of expandable awnings with the Darche 180 and 270 Eclipse awnings, add the custom side walls and you have a large protected area giving you a setup others would be jealous of.