Home-like comfort & support - high density open cell foam Queen size mattress that self-inflates when you unroll it

These mattresses will never go down if they have a hole; they will maintain a lofted state!

  • Self-inflating; simply open the valves and the mattress does the work for you
  • Will remain in a lofted state even with the valves open; no more waking in the night to a flat mattress
  • New side wall construction provides faster inflation time and greater edge support
  • High density open cell foam for maximum comfort and support
  • Large air channels for rapid inflate and deflate
  • 4 Hi flow air control valves away from sleeping surface
  • Easy clean cool touch brushed velour outer for added comfort
  • Storage straps, repair kit and carry bag included



Barcode # 9320531076390
Brand Oztrail

Time Saver

By: on 4 December 2017
This is a handy product for campers who don't like sleeping on the ground. No more inflation pumps! Simply undo the plugs and let the matress do its thing. Then just do up the plugs and you're good to go. Deflation can be tricky. Not recommended to try on your own lol. Undo plugs and start rolling up from the other end, kneeling on it as you go to stop it re-inflating. Then do up the plugs and shove it in the bag before it gets any other ideas.

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